Briquetting Presses & Machines

Waste from wood, polystyrene, foam, light allows, paper or biomass are a considerable cost factor for production plants. Economic solutions are in demand for handling these materials, and Weima briquetting presses are the answer.  WEIMA manufactures briquetting machines to help you cut down on waste, recycle, and save money.  Our industrial briquette presses are the perfect solution - able to be customized to your specific application. Whichever aspects are important to you – disposal, storage, logistics, or profitable waste recycling – Weima briquetting presses offer you a reliable solution which is tailor-made to your specific requirements and provides all the economic advantages of briquetting.


WEIMA briquette presses handle various materials like wood, paper and cardboard, metal, and biomass and turn the waste into small, compressed briquettes. Without the use of any glues or adhesives, the press creates a solid briquette which looks similar to a hockey puck. Machines can be designed for different briquette sizes and individual briquette shapes depending on the application. All models are noted for their robust construction as well as low maintenance technology. They can also be optimally integrated into your existing production line.