Other Materials

Plastic, Styrofoam & Paper Briquette Presses

WEIMA America manufacturers briquette presses and briquetting systems for paper, plastic and styrofoam. There is no such thing as “just waste”. Business leaders are well aware that even the smallest parts of production waste have value. By pressing foamed plastic, paper or styrofoam with WEIMA's industrial briquette makers for instance, the waste volume can be compressed at a rate of 30:1 (up to 90%) saving storage space, disposal and transportation costs. WEIMA has a variety of plastic, paper and styrofoam briquetting presses to handle any and all applications. Our briquette machines feature extra large hopper openings to allow for high material loading. By briquetting paper, plastic and styrofoam, it can help eliminate the dust particles in the air to reduce the danger of fires. 


A number of other plastics like Styrofoam that are very bulky and light weight can be utilized in this process. They include cellular material, paper, PUR-foam, etc. Reduce disposal costs and simplify material handling with WEIMA's styrofoam briquetting machines!


Briquetting waste material like paper, plastic and styrofoam also has its financial advantages. When it comes to documents, treasury notes and stocks, professional destruction is necessary. In either case, the main goal is to prevent other people from reusing documents in any possible way. The WEIMA paper briquette press further increases the confidentiality and security generated in the first stage WEIMA shredder. Briquetted paper dust also reduces the likelihood of dust-related explosions.

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