Information Security

intimus INFORMATION SECURITY offers solutions for an effective protection against data breaches - in day-to-day business life as well as in private life.

Besides classical shredders we offer a modern range of solutions for the destruction of information on all state-of-the-art media. This includes paper documents as well as magnetic hard disk drives, optical media such as CD/DVD and solid state media.

Data protection was something unheard of when intimus introduced the first shredders in 1965. Nevertheless, intimus continued to work undeterred and have created a complete range of machines from the first patented "electronic wastepaper basket", the intimus Simplex.

The products meets all the requirements imposed with regard to data protection and always includes practical and efficient shredder technology.

Today, the product range contains devices not only shredding classical data media, such as notelets, computer lists or even complete folders, but also machines to destroy information on modern data carriers like CDs, floppy disks, Hard Disk Drives and Solid State Media.