Wood Briquette Press & Briquetting Machines

With wood briquette presses from WEIMA, valuable wood waste can be processed into compact briquettes and sold or used in conjunction with a boiler as a heating source. WEIMA's wood briquetting machines can significantly reduce the volume of all kinds of wood materials like hardwood or soft wood, chipboard, MDF, plywood, wood shavings, or sawdust by turning them into briquettes. This is particularly attractive to the furniture industry, saw mills and cabinetmakers. Briquettes have a high calorific value, much higher than regular firewood and comparable to brown coal. This is brought about by a longer and more even burning process, which produces less ash.

What is good for your company is also good for nature: when a wood briquette is burned, it only returns as much CO2 to the atmosphere as is absorbed by a growing tree through photosynthesis. In addition to reducing the volume of input material by up to 90%, there are countless benefits of briquetting wood. Improved waste-material handling & storage space, reduced transport and storage costs and minimized disposal costs are a few of the advantages of the briquetting process.

Wood is a pure, natural product. We should keep it that way, even when it is in briquette form. With WEIMA briquette presses, it is possible to compact wood briquettes through the application of hydraulic pressure only – free of additives or binders. There is a compatible shredder at WEIMA for your wood application. We will be happy to advise you!

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