Biomass Briquette Press

With WEIMA biomass briquette press, you can harness the energy that’s inside your biomass! The briquetting of biomass can be challenging because of the inconsistent sizes of the input material. Our extensive experience in this area, along with many case study references, allows WEIMA to overcome these hurdles. With WEIMA's biomass briquetting systems and presses, our machines are able to reduce the volume of the input material by up to 90%, which improves the material handling, increases storage space, and reduces transportation and storage costs.


For too long, human and naturally-produced substances have been disregarded. Straw, hay, tobacco, nutshells, miscanthus, cotton and flax are valuable resources for heat energy generation. The briquette shape makes your waste more cost effective to transport and prepared in a form that is marketable. The calorific value of highly compressed briquettes is much greater than loose material. The high density optimizes the combustibility characteristics. Additionally, explosive dust can be handled more safely. Efficient re-utilization of briquetted biomass as a cheap alternative fuel source cannot be ignored, particularly in the production of agricultural foods.

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