Safescan 2250 Banknote Counter

Safescan 2250 Banknote Counter


Banknote Counters


Save time and eliminate all chance of error. The back-loading hopper on the Safescan 2250 can hold up to 300 banknotes and accurately count them-for up to 1000 notes per minute.


  • Counts up to 1.000 notes/minute
  • Suitable or all currencies
  • Suitable for Polymer banknotes
  • Add and batch function
  • 3 point counterfeit detection: UV, MG and size
  • Alarm with suspected banknote

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1. Fast, flexible operation: Quickly counts a sorted stack of banknotes.

2. Batch mode to speed up cash-drawer and bank deposit preparation.

3. 3-point counterfiet detection.

4. Suitable for polymer banknotes.

5. Count sorted notes of all currencies.

6. Alarm when suspected banknote is detected.

7. Add & batch function.

8. Auto-start and manual-start functions.

9. User friendly front panel with intuitive function keys.

10. Large & illuminated LCD display.